Safety, Health & Environment Policy


We recognize and actively promote the importance of achieving the highest practical standards of safety, health and environment at all times. Therefore, we want to conduct our operation with ZERO TOLLERENCE. This will help prevent accidents, injuries and danger to the health and well being of our clients, employees and general public. The company policy will however not conflict with the clients procedures that are already in place, providing such procedures are compliant with the governments legislation.

Our management will fulfil its commitment and responsibilities through the implementation of SHE Management system. We support these commitments by developing awareness and providing training and resources for all personnel to perform their duties safely while protecting the environment. All employees are expected to observe the safety regulations as stipulated in the safety manual of our safety programme and commonly recognizes safe working practices in exercising their duties.

Unsafe practises and conditions, as well as accidents, must be reported to the supervisors for necessary actions. Safe work practise is a condition of employment at our company.

Prevention of all accidents is the responsibility of all employees and accountability rests with the supervisors and managers. The SHE department will monitor and report compliance to the CEO.


No job is so important, no service so urgent, that time can not be taken to perform it safely!!