About Us


Mission Statement


As dealers in specialized services and support to our clients, we employ a mixture of management skills in a cost effective and proactive manner, whilst at all times bearing in mind our customers “needs”.

Based on the desire to increase the range and quality of our service whilst still providing a totally professional approach, our philosophy is one of expanding our services through innovation and having the ability to offer a completely integrated management package to our clients.

Our clients are the people depending on us for results. We take this very seriously and our services and personal attention to our clients make us second to none in this industry.

Quality management is the ability to get it right the first time, every time and always on time. By doing this we are able to respond to the clients requirements, expectations and wishes, influencing them with our experience, if required, but always working towards defined goals in our customer service.

Our entire staff, from the directors to the worker on site, is committed to our safety policy. Safety management helps us to identify, eliminate and correct hazards and near misses before accidents can occur.

žWith the imminent start up of so many projects in Africa, we look forward to the future, sure of our ability to rise to the challenges whilst drawing strength from our past achievements.


Our core values



The safety, health, environment and property of our people and clients are our priorities

Excellence in service

Our management and staff must have the desire to exceed the service expectations of our clients

Respect for staff and community

Our employees, the community from which they come and the community in which they work, are the spirit of our company and will be treated with dignity and respect

Employee Development & Training

All staff members will receive job specific training and educational opportunities for personal growth

Honesty and Integrity

All our business actions and transactions will always meet the highest ethical standards

Financial Responsibility

Our financial decisions will be made to ensure the long term health of our clients, staff members and company

Accountability and Acknowledgement

All our directors and employees are held accountable for their respective actions and responsibilities