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We are a South African and Mozambique registered company with offices in Inhasorro and Johannesburg South Africa, engaged in the provision of village management, catering services, camp construction and maintenance. Our team of pro-active directors and managers take a hands on approach and are vastly experienced and qualified. All are actively involved, staying on site to personally see to our customers needs. Between us we have more than 45 years experience in the hospitality industry. Our business is based on mutual trust, understanding and efficiency. We feel this will lead to further collaboration and success for both parties.

We firmly believe our clients should receive the very best professional, safety orientated and internationally acknowledged hospitality services for their project camps/villages and offices. Whether they are in a remote and difficult terrain or in a city centre, it is our aim to offer innovative and ever evolving menus, bearing in mind the trend towards healthy lifestyles and balanced diets. We are able to produce our menus to cater for multi-national workforces.

We offer a can-do attitude in catering and full support services to any location. At the forefront of our thinking is the innovation and the “health and safety” of our employees and our clients. We take the health and safety policies of our clients very seriously. Our professional, polite, smart and well trained multinational staff is the backbone of all our operations and therefore we have no hesitation in recognising that our employees are our most valued and important asset.

The pro-active involvement of our directors in all our projects ensures a hands-on approach in the meeting of our clients needs.



What makes us different?


We understand our clients industries and can identify all their needs. We also know the relevant Country legislations and legislative requirements for the industry and workforce.

We believe in training of the highest standard for our South African and African employees to further their careers. 50% Of our senior management are local employees that have started their careers with us and have been trained and promoted to the positions they are in today.

We believe in the upliftment of the community where we work. We will donate 5% of all nett profits made back to the community for their upliftment. Regular health and environmental workshops will be sponsored and managed in the community.

We recognize the importance of contributing to the well-being of the communities where we operate. We view the maximisation of local content as playing a key role in the communities well-being. Open dialog between community representatives and our management will be maintained in a continuous effort to equitably support each local community where our services are provided.

Other support to local communities

Employment - We are committed to employ a fair amount of staff from the local population.

Support of indigenous companies - With business commitments in place, we will financially support local supplier’s registration of new local indigenous companies.

Educational support - We will support individuals in a work-study program.

What services do we offer?


Our company offers a complete “turn-key” solution to our clients


Catering services for villages

Village administration

Housekeeping services

Gardening services

Village construction and related services

Medical services


“Our promise to our clients”


Always committed to a “customer comes first” philosophy, through the development of an environment which fosters quality excellence and continuous improvements in partnership with our clients.

In working together on a common vision, our committed and dedicated management and staff will serve our clients efficiently and cost effectively by providing the highest quality of food and ancillary requirements.

We will ensure that the utmost levels of customer satisfaction, service and food hygiene are achieved, through a process of self and external auditing, corrective actions and adherence to a formalised quality management system.